Mathematics Source

September 20, 2010

Here is the source for showing mathematics:
$latex \int f(x)\,dx=H$
\int f(x)\,dx=H
And with double $’s
$$ latex H=K $$
turns into
$H=K $


February 14, 2009


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Another LaTeX test

July 11, 2008

Testing \int f(x)\,dx=H
And with double $’s

What is the Krawtchouk Encyclopedia

February 25, 2008

The Kravchuk Encyclopedia is a web site that presents material about Krawtchouk polynomials and Krawtchouk matrices. First, the transliteration of the Ukrainian name Кравчук is “Krawtchouk” in French. Since important works by Krawtchouk appeared in French, that spelling subsequently became common. However, a natural transliteration into English is “Kravchuk”. We will prefer that form unless referring to by now classical references where the French spelling has become pretty much standard, namely, when referring to “Krawtchouk polynomials”. Second, the idea of writing the values of the Krawtchouk polynomials at integer values in the form of matrices was suggested independently by N. Bose in his book “Digital Filters: Theory and Applications” [North-Holland Elsevier, N.Y., 1985].


Kravchuk Encyclopedia

Yiddish and ZEFM

February 25, 2008

Yiddish and Zigli’s Editor

Zigli’s Editor has a good starting Yiddish dictionary. It can be easily added to. A .yid file loaded into the editor allows for translation of words by using either alt-spacebar or shift-rightmouse to produce a pop-up window with a list of possible translations. As it’s editable by the reader, it could pretty much contain any comments or interesting notes. The Notes system allows for more extensive notes. Yiddish email is built-in.The buffer can be sent directly as an email. When email is received, downloaded via the editor, or perhaps more conveniently via the web interface, it is immediately readable in Yiddish, using UTF-8 in the browser. Links: will be updated when the new database version is made available. Also, the Yiddish dictionary database will be available.


February 25, 2008
Zigli’s Editor and File Manager is backed by MySQL database.

  • Imported graphics, styled text and color highlighting are saved.
  • The Notes and Dictionaries are kept in a database.
  • Edited files are kept in database as well, allowing for convenient portability.

The File Manager is pretty snappy and generally runs smoothly.

Link: ZEFM requires MySQL Connector-J embedded database and Saxon (available for download with the jar file).


February 25, 2008

Saree is a black cat.

She is rather thin.

Likes to drink water from the bathtub tap.
Likes to run 100 miles-an-hour across a meadow.

Update: 12/2006

Saree has gained weight and cuts a rather respectable figure in the cat world.

Saree has since passed over the rainbow bridge (2019). She was a wonderful friend as well as being mostly just a cool cat.


February 22, 2008

Welcome to Zigli’s Zone. Hello. We plan to discuss topics around mathematics, Zigli’s Editor and File Manager (ZEFM), and, occasionally, dogs and cats. Related issues involving Java programming, RSS, etc., etc. will be discussed as they come up. One topic of special interest is putting mathematics on the web. Mainly we will discuss interfacing with Maple and GAP. A tool we have found useful is itex2MML. Yiddish topics will come up. One feature of ZEFM is for typing Yiddish as well as other languages (including French, Russian, Greek, and Polish).

For mathematics we have generally switched to MathJax.